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HiFei Milestone products contribute to the R/C industrial with a brand new high performance ESC based on 32 bit upto 80Mhz Microprocessor, continuation of HiFei product's high quality and reliability,KingKongIII equipped state-of-the-art BLDC control technology such as upper and low PWM chopping and Active Freewheeling, as well  the very fine thottle linear (up to 10 bit resolution, rc signal refresh rate up to 1KHz).

KingKongIII Pro combin with a individual wifi dongle easy to updated the parameters of controller and support to telemeter the real log data through any kind of smart mobile phone.

KingKongIII & KingKongIII Pro series ESC

KingkongII series ESC

High Performance ESC with build-in data logging, the flight data such as current,battery voltage,motor rpm,throttle travel and esc temperature can be logged inside the KII series ESC, and easy to readout all of the data on your PC by HIFEI software.

From 1S to 15S, 10W to 13KW, HIFEI G series ESC are your best choice for the fixwing /helicopter/EDF applications.  

G series ESC

Fulcrum series ESC

HIFEI high power series ESC for LARGE Scale model airplane. Unique Alumimium PCB designing eliminated the BIG and HEAVY cooler apply to ESC, ensure the most effective cooling under BIG power and hardcore load. 

Hummingbird  series ESC (for multirotor/drone)

Hummingbird series ESC especially designed for all sort of multirotor aircrafts. Hummingbird series ESCs equipped with 32-bit microprocessor (80 MHz process frequency), built-in Active FreeWheeling, support 32K Hz PWM rate and the signal fresh rate up to 1000 Hz, ensure the ESC have incredible response and control linearity.

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