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Thanks for purchasing Hifei Brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Here we guarantee all Hifei ESC is made by strict workmanship standards and rigorously tested before leaving the factory.But as ESCs are usually working under atrocious environment and other possible damage during transportation, we commit under-warranty service and disclaimer in accordance with the following clauses. We reserve the rights to change clauses without notification in advance.

Hifei Brushless ESCs are used for radio controlled electric model airplanes, boat s and cars. Which are not toys, and must be used with much care. It is required to read the ESC user-manuals andwarnings before using. This warranty does not cover abuse, neglect, or damage due to incorrectwiring, over voltage, or overloading.

Please read the warranty clause carefully. When request warranty, it is required to fill out the ‘Warranty Form’ and send one copy of the form and a copy of purchase receipt with the ESC together back to factory. Please note we do not accept request for refunding.











Under Warranty Conditions


All Hifei ESCs are warranted for one year since the date of purchase from Hifei authorized dealers which comply with the following under-warranty clauses.

1) Replacement

In the following conditions, you can request a new replacement within 15 days since the purchasedate (Purchase receipt or invoice must be provided).The requested ESC must keep in new condition.

a) New ESC you got has defect on components or workmanship;

b) New ESC you got works abnormally in first testing.

Note: any change to a new ESC ( such as cutting short cables, unpack ESC, etc) will be disclaimed.

2) Repair

In the following situations, we commit free repairing to requested ESC.Purchase receipt and warranty form are required to ship back together with the ESC.

a) the date exceeds 15 days , the defective ESC will be repaired and shipped back.

b) the ESC can not work or be damaged in testing, which is caused by the quality defects of ESCwithin the valid warranty date.

Note: You bear the shipping cost for returning, and we pay the cost for shipping the repaired ESC backto you.We promise to repair the returned ESC and ship it within 5 working days since we received it.



Disclaimer Conditions

In any of the following conditions, we disclaim the warranty

a) The purchase date over 1 year.

b) A valid purchase certificate and/or warranty form in not provided.

c) ESC was damaged due to not following the manuals or any misuse, such as overload using ESC,ESC’s on-board overloading, affected by the humidity, incorrectly soldered connectors, incorrectpolarity the controller, misuse on other application, disconnect ESC from battery while motor is rotating, etc.

d) The ESC is changed, disassembled and repaired by yourself or any other third party without authorization from HIFEI in advance.

e) The ESC is severely damaged and be irretrievable.



Charged repairing service


We also provide charge-repairing service to Hifei ESC which is disclaimed warranty. According tothe damage degree of the ESC, we will notify you the repairing fee and get your agreement beforerepair it.

Note: you pay all the shipping cost.

When request warranty service, please firstly contact the shop where you purchase the ESC, or send e-mail to to describe the ESC problem, you will receive an authorized RMA number from Hifei. Please write the RMP number on ‘ Warranty Form’.



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