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Easy to program setting all of HIFEI ESC in the field,  designed with the simple DIP switches make the modeller clearly and quickly understand the each one of the parameters associated with the ESC.  








Suitable for ESC program setting for all series of HIFEI ESC, two lines LCD display and 4 press buttons,











HIFEI USBlinker is an adaptor to connect the ESC with PC by USB port.











Input Voltage: 5-26VDC
Output Voltage: 5v/6v(optional)

Output Current:3A(Max 4A)


Weight: 6g

Capacitor Bank







Suitable for Fulcrum and SWORDFISH series ESC to deal with the HIGH power and HEAVY load. 

Capacitor: Rubycon 63V 470uF x 4=1880 uF

Size: 40 X 30 X 30mm

Weight: 20 g

Water Cooler







Water Coolers for SWORDFISH/SWORDFISH PLUS series racing boat ESC.

AntiSpark Wires







Anti-Spark wires

T-shirt & Hat







HIFEI,KingkingII and SWORDFISH Logo T-shirt in black,available in M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL









Dedicated design for Fulcrum series and Swordfish Pro+ 300A ESC to make the connection between battery and ESC reliable and simplified.

WiFi Dongle for KIII Pro series ESC







Dedicated design for KingKongIII Pro ESC, it is easy to apply to parameter setting of KIII pro series ESC and real-time flight data telemetry

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