make sure very one ESC with high level workmanship and quanlity


HIFEI begun to research and develop the Brushless ESC since 2003, standing on our ground, so far HIFEI Team have dedicated on developing, researching and manufacturing the Brushless ESC over 17 years.


Standing behind our respectable customers , HIFEI Team insists upon design every one products with state-of-the-art technologies, as well production every one products with fine workmanship and Q.C. inspection.


HIFEI Team loves this exciting industry, and would like to bring more and more exciting products to our customer in the future.

  Company Philosophy

Professional, Concentrated & Passionate


Factory Pilot Maxime De Moro and Louis won Champion and 3rd place in F3N le muy 2014.


Pilot Wicharid Ridbamrung used HIFEI 220A-KingkongII-12S won Champion in F3N Thailand 2013.


Factory Pilot Hang Yang won 2nd Place of F3N in China Aeromodelling  Championships 2013.


Factory Pilot Maxime De Moro used HIFEI 220A-KingkongII-12S won the 14th in Advance HeliMaster 2013.


Mr. Andreas Benke equipped with HiFei Swordfish 240A Navy ESC won the champion of F1E+1kg class in 2010 World Championship For Model Racing Boats ( WM Murrhardt 2010).

IMPBA Speed Record hold by HIFEI Swordfish ESC ( from deadline March 2014)

S    KEITH KIRCHEN         109.436mph           5/5/2013                     MHZ                          LEHNER/SWORDFISH

T    KEITH KIRCHEN           98.858mph        10/5/2013                    AMOS                         LEHNER/SWORDFISH

N   CHRIS KRAWCZYK       37.813mph        11/13/2010          DELTA FORCE                         NEU/SWORDFISH

P    PAUL TRAUFLER           49.713mph        11/12/2011                   JAE                                   NEU/SWORDFISH

Q    PAUL TRAUFLER         50.406mph          4/11/2012         JAE/ TRAUFLER                      NEU/SWORDFISH

S    MIC HALBREHDER       34.195mph        10/12/2012                  HTV                                   NEU/SWORDFISH

NAMBA Fast Electric Straightlines Speed Record hold by HIFEI Swordfish ESC ( from

S MONO | Mark Ferreira | 2.855 seconds |78.790MPH |Delta Force 39| 8S | NEU/SWORDFISH


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